A dolorous call

The phone rings; I answer with a “Halloo?”

“Hello”, a dolorous female voice whispers. “This is Girlyname Lastname from the Mega Insurance Corporation, of which you are already a customer. Would you be interested in upgrading your insurance with our new additional insurance against the costs of cancer?”

“Er, um, I actually am not interested at the moment”, I say.

“And why would that be?”

“Uh. To be honest I wasn’t prepared to answer that in detail.”

“But think how it eases life to have financial help in that very difficult period in one’s life, in the sickness and the misery, with the family —”

“Sorry. Sorry, but I’m not interested.”

“Oh well”, she resignedly whispers, as if not expecting to hear of me again. “Bye.”


And then I sit for a few minutes, vaguely feeling like she knows something about my health I don’t.

* * *

In other news: Over at Lemmata, a comic “featuring” the British Chiropractic Association, the litigious bunch of cretins of Singhian infamy. Not a particularly witty or incisive comic; but one that gave me great mental release.

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