On flesh-colored eyeglasses

You wouldn’t want to wear flesh-colored, flesh-contoured eyeglasses, would you? (I’m assuming you are a glasses-wearing person; if you are not, use your imagination.) Wearing eyeglasses, unlike sunglasses, is rarely a vanity thing; people wear glasses because their eyes are defective, even though those glasses advertise that defect. People don’t hide that particular defect-fix; many actually flaunt it, and people past the age of fifteen don’t think having eyeglasses is a fate to be pitied.

Thus runs my justification for a trend I’d much like to see: when artificial limbs become available, they will look artificial. No human-colored rubber skin; no, instead colors of crome and titanium. (Or whatever colors and grains Nanomaterial X will take; which may be, any color or grain imaginable.) People of the future might not be all that hung up on looking like people. I think many unusual sights are just waiting for times when they will be more than just pure aesthetic statements.

It’ll help, of course, if the future is largely a more permissive place than today, less hung up on modesty, conformity and the like. (Each person has his nightmares, and one of mine is us slowly descending back to the hypocritical moral straitjacket of propriety and prudery which was the Victorian times, and which seems to be something some modern people are hankerin’ for. Mind you, the Victorian era was generally speaking a nice, interesting time but the morals, egh! a few days of that and I’d be running up and down the streets with me knickers tied to a turban on me achin’ head.)

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