Possible Wikipedia comedy

Witness this, from the Wikipedia article for Halt and Catch Fire, a general term for unwise computer instructions:

The MIPS-X was a processor supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The Programmer’s Manual for this chip describes a HSC (Halt and Spontaneously Combust) instruction, that is only found in a version of the processor designed for the National Security Agency.[4] The manual entry is a joke, and does not describe a genuine feature of the CPU.[citation needed]

Especially note what has a citation, and what does not. A wee bit doubtful about how far the NSA would go, are we? (Also, hello NSA web checkup squad! How’s the coffee over at the No Such Agency? Nothing suspicious here; over to the next Google hit you go.)

“…and, Mr. Brown, if the Russkies are at the gates, with, with their red tanks and pink uniforms and the like… hope it was a credible report… then sudo run instruction HSC. With recursion. And with alacrity. For every single computer we have.”

“What does instruction HSC do, Mr. Instructor?”

“You’re not cleared to know that.”

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