Wrong Jesus


In Lebanon, there’s a series about Jesus’s life on TV — or rather there was one. Then the partisans of a particular intolerant religion threw a hissy fit, and now it’s off the air.

The twist being here that the series was according to the Muslim view of Jesus: prophet, not son of God; and it were the local Christians that were cross about it.

I’d very much like to see this show come to America — Europe — to lots of places, just to make more people deal with the idea that, yes, unlike the wishful pap one may hear, not only are most religions not centralized on compassion, but also quite many religious ideas aren’t all that compatible with each other. (Not with reality either, the atheist in me wishes to add; but that’s the “conquer” and we’re only at “divide” here. Nice, however, that this division doesn’t require wiliness, but just outspoken honesty.)

Then again, assuming a blasphemy law, would this mean that to speak of your religion’s penultimate prophet is horrid and criminal because of someone else’s Christology? And vice versa? Oh please, Muslims and Christians, go to Ireland and bleed each other dry. I’ll get the popcorn, meanwhile.

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