Three years, one year, no years yet

Hey, anniversary. Three years ago today I started this blog.

The “normal” blogiversary thing would be a long and tedious retrospective of the “the best of the past year” kind; I am not going to do that.

Instead I’ll just note that this is the three-year anniversary of Masks of Eris, and also the one-year anniversary of Lemmata. A comic with a piece a day for a year is not altogether trivial. The comics themselves are, though.

Now, the reason why I write Masks of Eris, and the reason I draw Lemmata, is not any hope of reward or audience. That’d be a fairly stressful motivation for something that is a hobby. I believe if your hobby is stressful, you are not doing it right. My want is simply to spew out the stuff I do, and derive enough pleasure from the uttering and forming of it for it to be a sufficient return for going on. (If there’s a reader, well, yay! Extra! And thank you all, that have hung around; a comment now and then makes me feel mighty nice, though sometimes I can’t think up anything meaningful to say in answer to it.)

Now I’ve decided to have one more outlet for making stuff up: Mirrors of Eris; that’d be, That’s a stand-alone website, full of written crap, some of it “reprints” from here but most of it new. As it is a website, it won’t update all that often; but it should have plenty of brand-new reading if my brand of confused purposeless remythologizing and pseudo-crankery is to your taste. Atlantis, Moses, alternate Jesuses and evil mathematical conspiracies abound. (And why, the Herwennefer piece and the Ramesses-Moses-piece were small snips from the teeming cauldron of faux asshattery that is Mirrors of Eris.)

Go and have a look; I ain’t writing no best-of-year recap.

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