Adam spooked by something he’s never seen before

Here’s an observation: making weird shit up is a really nice hobby. Nicer still when you’ve made yourself a place — an unsubtle plug of Mirrors of Eris goes here — to keep your coproliths of curious curvature.

* * *

And God He the Lord of Lords Maker of All said: Adam, stand aside, for I shall make acholim.

Adam stood aside, for he did not know what acholim were; and the word seemed dangerous to him.

So God raised his hands, and his face blazed with power and glory: and the earth shook. There was a growing grumble from within, and a fine veil of dust did rise from the grass. Something writhed in the soil, in the sod, and then broke through in a thousand places; and Adam threw himself down on his face and cried out in fear.

In a million places now, thousand steps by thousand steps the land affected, black and red bones rose from the ground, bending and twisting every which way as if searching: and God stood, his hands raised, and the brilliance of His face outshone the sun. Man-high the bones now rose, and Adam saw they were no bones at all, but long bony fingers, as if scoured by hunger and fire, and they ran together to a thousand hands, each with a hundred fingers in a wasted palm and a boneless wrist. Adam cried out, and cried, and was afraid.

The shaking stopped, and Adam looked up: and out of the ground had risen two giants, twenty times his height, ten times God’s height: and they were not human. They had a black-brown and red skin, all cracked and rough and torn, and not much covered by the green rags tied round their arms. They had no faces Adam could see, for both had a thousand hands raised up, long and bony, each sprouting a hundred long and bony fingers from a hundred wrists. They had no feet either, or they were hidden: where their waists were, they were still buried in the soil.

My Lord, Adam cried, let us run before these fearful things break free! They cannot mean to do anything good!

And God laughed, and said: The name of these things in my language is acholim; they are the acholim of life, and the acholim of the knowledge of good and evil.

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