An impulse of the weird kind

So I go to the site of Subnormality, one of my favorite webcomics*, and I notice a banner announcing prints for sale. I say “eh”, and click it.

Three different prints for sale.

One happens to be “Weird“, which is the best Subnormality ever. (That’s if you ask me, and why shouldn’t you trust me? I promise you I won’t tell no lies.)

Ten minutes later I’m twenty euros poorer and, Eyjafjallajokull etc. willing, in the future I will have A Statement to adorn a wall with.

There’s so much that one kinda would want and sorta wouldn’t dislike possessing that it’s nice when a WANT hits you in the face. (Nicer still to be a dispassionate Finn that doesn’t need to wipe face for want’s sake all the time.)

* : And obviously I can’t make that kind of a statement without a list. Nervously certain I’m forgetting something obvious, and also not implying my fandom isn’t an archive binge every two months, I’d say xkcd, Subnormality, SMBC, Wulff Morgenthaler, Penny Arcade, Oglaf, Dresden Codak, Count Your Sheep and Fingerpori. (The last is Finnish and lives on elaborate and cheap puns, so fun times deciphering that one, my international friends!)

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