This message courtesy of [redacted]

Anything the terrorists know, they can use against us, and US. Anything we do, can inflame the enemy to act against us if they hear of it. Free-floating hostile knowledge is endangering our men and women in uniform every single day — knowledge kills our children and elderly citizens — knowledge gets schools and hospitals bombed — knowledge is a luxury we can’t afford in the War On Ignorance-Fueled Terror!

To speak is to inform the enemy.

To hear is to empower the enemy.

To lust to know is to be careless, selfish, short-sighted, malicious, mean, murderous and a security risk… and an unpatriotic traitor collaborator pollyanna friend to the enemy. Take up a gun go to Iraq and mow the motherfucker down instead! Kill! Kill! Destroy everything! Don’t ask no questions! What you don’t know can’t hurt you! We don’t make no mistakes, and if we did news of those would just goad the terrorists to kill your granny!

Knowledge and information are always a genuine threat to security. Information…? Just say NO!

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