Spam convolutions

This would-be comment just in from Mr. “Efrain Bussell”:

I understand that there are a lot of spam lately. Apparently it’s pretty hard for people to grasp the concept that relationships can be mutually rewarding. I can leave a meaningful awesome comment and add content and essence to one of your pages and you will give me a link in exchange. There are too many takers out there and they aren’t willing to help people out. Take take take! :)

Unfortunately, “Efrain”, that comment of yours wasn’t “meaningful awesome”. Corkshrewishly devious, but not particularly awesome.

Still, Mr. “Efrain Bussell”, you might just be my favorite spam-would-be so far; better than Mr. “penis enlargement” (“currently held prisoner by the Russian mafia”) and Ms. “bumpy enslavement” (“Thraldom can be unquestionably alluring!”), even.

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