An exercise in philosopolopophologilising

Well, as evinced by the babble below, and as is already well known: it is easier to be obscure than to be clear. I wonder if guruhood is a viable career path, and if they have a nice pension fund or not.

* * *

Truth is not within you.

Within you there are only lies.

Lies are not sins; there is no sin anywhere.

To see sin is to be blinded by the lies within you.

You are blinded by the lies anyway. What you see, is not what is.

Your eyes, your ears, your mind all conspire to deceive you. Your body, your mind both plot to mislead you. This you cannot escape; but knowing it, you can see it.

These are the two most wicked things: to love nothingness, and to pray.

To love nothingness, to desire the extinction of this mortal life, is to long for death, for there is no nirvana rebirth heaven satori paradise; only death, which is being no more, and you should not long for it unless you see it for what it is.

To pray is to ask for the universe to care about you. This is foolishness. The universe does not think, feel, hear, speak, love, care or answer; it merely is. Prayer is a waste of time; bend your hands and lips to the work at hand, or to someone who will listen and help you. The universe will neither help nor guide you.

This is the most important thing: cold understanding.

Cold understanding is knowing how the heavens turn, and knowing there’s no why to it; cold understanding is seeing what is, and deciding what must be, and only then smiling or crying; cold understanding is stepping beyond illusion, comfort and the lies within, not to clarity but to willingness for clarity.

This is the second most important thing: the fire within.

As all things exist in opposites, so too life is incomplete with mere understanding; you also need to care. Your understanding is a hammer which shivers the rust of unreason; but without the fire of passion you will never forge the divine blade of world-piercing success. It is said, and it is true, with passion and clarity in correct measures, would not the heavens themselves grind to a halt when you so command?

One Response to “An exercise in philosopolopophologilising”

  1. snarkoutboy Says:

    is philosopolopophologilising even a real word? passion is nice, but seems a waste of time, often. more of the “the universe will bend to my will” sort of thing i think. good thoughts though, nice stuff. do you get stock options with guruhood?

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