Latex teabags

Found myself googling “latex choices” and “latex boxing”.

Latex being how you write LaTeX, the sweet perfect and universal text processor of mathematicians, when you’re looking up something casual-like. In this case just what that piecewise function macro was (cases, it was), and what packages and commands there were, exactly, to draw boxes round a few paragraphs (the framed package, there was).

SafeSearch being on did not keep a condom-related page from swimming high up the first results page.

I swear if I am ever in a situation when I can name something a lot of people will google help for, I will name it BonDage or something like. Something that will mightily teabag anyone that goes googling for it; just because a busy mathematical needs that little jolt (“Why do polyisoprene condoms work as latex allergy condom choices?”) every now and then.

(“Okay, so we need a name for this new function class of ours, these twice embedded q-peculiar (w,t,f)-functionals… no, you, we won’t be calling them double penetration functions. Shut up already.”)

One Response to “Latex teabags”

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