Once more about design

“I am a wonderful being. A God must have created me; and a pretty good God, too.”

“You? With those ears? Here’s a biology textbook. Evolution made you, and it shows in those awful ears of yours.”

“The universe round me is so beautiful! God must have made that; as far as I know, planets and suns don’t just evolve.”

“Think again. Here’s an ungodly long book about stellar evolution, life on other planets, the Big Bang, and the generation of somethings from nothing.”

“But it’s all so beautiful!”

“No it isn’t. There’s no beauty no more than there is Deutsche Physik in the sphere of physics phenomena. It’s just a word. Anyway look back at the biology book; it pays to be attracted to clean and healthy things. Then things misfire and you’re getting misty-eyed over a nebula. Also here’s a pamphlet on mathematical beauty and other things that rise from having smarts.”

“I think! Therefore God made me.”

“I think not.”

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