Birmingham alert

Happened to type “birmingham designated targets” to my favorite online bookshop’s search box. Then happened to think that that sounded fairly sinister if one didn’t know it was to find John Birmingham’s Designated Targets, the second volume in a very enjoyable story of a US-multinational carrier group being sucked from 2021 to 1942, much to the bebotherment of both the suckees and the WWII-fighters. (Those physicists — always working up something that’ll ruin everyone’s day.)

Doesn’t help my next search was “birmingham without warning“.

Now, this sinisterness of “birmingham designated targets” (“Ha ha! We shall bomb Birmingham next!”) somehow immediately flashed to a mental image of a Discordian much more devoted than me, jetting round the world in the service of some innocuous profession, and at random places and random times typing some similarly worrisome phrase, except one with no obvious hits, to few more random searchboxes somewhere on the net. This all just on the principle that NSA or some such agency must be listening, and mining for phrases. And growing more paranoid with each stroke of enter.

Do other people get flashes like this, too?

(Oh, and the favorite online bookshop? — but their tentacles don’t deliver beyond the Nordic countries.)

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