Cross burning

Was listening to Sabaton — a Swedish heavy metal band which mostly deals with accounts of specific instances of blood and blitzkrieg — when noticed something about their song “Burn Your Crosses”.

Which is a pro-atheism song I kind of like, that kind of being my inclination. (“Gee, would never have guessed, you old theology-chewer.”)

Lines like “No use to pray, there’s no one listening” and “Mankind’s great mistake was to create god — creation of man, excuse to spill blood” went over pretty well; “Put faith in mother earth” was a bit too natural-mysticky for my taste, though maybe not meant that way — and then it hit me.

Yeah, “Burn your crosses” might not be the best way to express the chucking of the rosary into the garbage bin, with those white-robed cross-burners of Alabama and associated places and all. “So you’re saying you don’t agree with us, and you’re asking us to burn our crosses? You sure you got enough of a lawn, atheist boy?”

(Decency and inability prevent me from writing that “lawn” in a mighty southern drawl. “Enough offa laaaahhwn!”)

Ah well; tends to happen since the power of heavy metal transcends all boundaries of language. Here’s Sabaton:

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