The varieties of M-of-Eris

Hmmm. This blog is named Masks of Eris. I have webcomic — well, more of a daily humorical doodle — called Lemmata, which almost became something-of-Eris too. Then I have this warren of hand-made extra-fictious conspiracymongery, Mirrors of Eris.

Seems likely that if I at any future time acquire yet another address or title, it’ll be M(something) of Eris, just to keep with the brand. (“Eugh, it’s another work of That One. Move along, quickly!”)

So, as a note to myself, here are several possible possibilities beginning with the letter M. Plus taglines.

  • Macadamization of Eris — Well, the mud bath did not help…
  • Mad Dog of Eris — the yippin’ frothy battle Chihuahua of Discordia!
  • Mafia of Eris — we’re gonna make you an inner various immoral allowing others eating away.
  • Maid of Eris — M/28, ruffles and lace; want pictures?
  • Mammafries of Eris — have some R-rated McDonalds fare and discord
  • Mammthoth of Eris — a big Egyptian servant for the Grecian goddess
  • Martinet o’ Eris — Attention! Discord! Attention! Discord! One two three! Battery — chaaaarge!
  • Mattock of Eris — trepanning Mother Earth all day long
  • Me-262 of Eris — What do you mean, “what does the Nazi jet mean?”?
  • Mecha of Eris — (no no not a gamer guild dammit)
  • Meconium of Eris — please, don’t google the m-word
  • Meow of Eris — is the sound of a dog in an ice block going through a band saw: “mrreowwwwr!”
  • Mermaids of Eris — fish top and female bottom! swarms of them!
  • Military of Eris — don’t harm this general’s privates!
  • Milk of Eris — yes hur hur “milk” now can i have another?
  • Mine of Eris — dig in! kaboom! haha! got ya!
  • Misambiguation of Eris — a rather clear matter, confused
  • Mobile Suit of Eris — “Look, if I tear my face plate off, she’s sitting there! Nnhagh! It… does… come… off! Nharr!”
  • Moon of Eris — Dysnomia’s the name; lawlessness the game
  • Muezzin of Eris — fnooooooooooooooooorrrrd!
  • Mummy of Eris — Nyx’s the name; endless night’s the game
  • Myrmidon of Eris — lead, follow or ooh pink invisible elephants

You need a tagline, feel free to be inspired by these.

One Response to “The varieties of M-of-Eris”

  1. MK Says:

    Moros of Eris — You are doomed, I tell you!

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