The wombat millions

Lo, many long years ago this was the extent of my knowledge of a particular nocturnal Australian quadruped:

M:tG card "Rabid Wombat"; (c) WotC 1995-2010

Lo, all these long years later, my knowledge of wombatkin has increased with only one fact: wombats are comedy gold. Not because an audience might particularly relate, but because the word in itself is silly. (Wombats themselves can be scary, though. I have it from a trustworthy Australian authority that one particular species, the misnamed “drop bear”, is a fairly merciless sharp-toothed stealth killer, and can even attack humans. There even is a special skin cream of some sort, called “vegemite”, or “wombat brake”, that repels the drop bears. Also kiwis, who I gather are some kind of small, hairy ape-like creatures.)

Well, here’s one more wombat fact for us: a nameless benefactor has donated eight million dollars for their conservation. (No, not in formaldehyde in big creepy transparent glass jars under the Sydney opera, waiting for the eventual first performance of Mad Max: Beyond the Wombadome. Apparently Tina Turner has qualms.)

No, just eight million to help these beautiful, mysterious, nice (I’m not kidding here) creatures; apparently they’re endangered. (There’s some horrible unfairness in the fact that while wombats are endangered there are, just to give a random example, millions and millions of Belgians.) The benefactor’s nameless; the wombat-helping organization is somewhat shellshocked; and for some reason I can’t stop smiling. Probably because while I don’t know squat about wombats, I love the concept of a wombat: a creature of goofy aspect with an outlandish name. (Wait; I’m Finnish; I’m just the same!)

Read all of the plight and the charity from Adelaide Now, if you so desire. (And, while AN’s not one of my regular news inputs, wouldn’t it be in some way nice to pick one location all the world away from you, and follow its news now and then? With all kinds of small local papers being online now, you could probably pick Bad Ass, Berkshire, and get a possibly useful perspective to things by keeping informed about the local by-elections.)

(Oh, one more thing. What’s the female version of Man-Bat?)

One Response to “The wombat millions”

  1. Jase Says:

    So hows ya goin mate:) Hopefully all is well!
    Big fan!
    Its a crazy life….
    I’m Aussie but you dont know me,
    I do my best to explain but you think you already know the wombat story…

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