This is [music genre here]

Fine Finnish heavy metal: Lordi, and the self-explanatory This Is Heavy Metal.

Which raises the question, can other music genres do this? Are there songs called “This is Funk” or “Dis is da gangsta rap”? Or “This. Is! JAAAAZZ!!”?

Oh, and do other music genres have heavy metal’s habit of occasionally making songs which consist of shout-outs to old hits, or to famous genre bands, and of nothing else? (Behind the links the first three that came to mind: Sabaton/Metal Machine, Megadeth/Victory and Sabaton/Metal Crue. And yes, Megadeth was so metal it could make a callback track about its own songs.)

(And, yes, metal is so metal that even tracks like these are awesome. Metal is so metal even Spinal Tap, a parody of a heavy metal band, is pretty fucking metal, and actually better than most metal released these days. Better than that faint praise, even. Metal is so metal that Brian Posehn’s Metal by Numbers, a comedy song about how new metal sucks, is as metal as metal can be. Metal, in addition to being a term I’ve cunningly not defined here, is all about being theatrical and melodramatical, which means there’s no such thing as overdoing it. Or to quote a bit of life advice from Rammstein’s Christoph Schneider, “Do your own thing. And overdo it!”)

(And what hey, seems Posehn has a new song/video out, and a new album. I leave you to watch that while I’ll go looking for a retailer.)

Edit: Waaaaait a minute. Callbacks? Self-reference? Or… meta metal?

Edit II: Could go on and on about how callbacks are a light-hearted way to respect your respect-worthy elders and to show you know and acknowledge your place as one more glorious tungsten brick in the screaming wall of metal glory; but if I need to do that, you’re not going to be convinced.

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