Mongolia on my mind

I’ve never been to Mongolia.

It may be possible that will never be to Mongolia; I don’t have any plans at this time.

I don’t know anyone from Mongolia. As far as I know, I’ve never been within a few hundred kilometers of anyone from Mongolia. (Going to thousands would be folly, because there surely must be a few Mongols in Helsinki; as bouncers over at Big Genghis’s Yogurt Hural, if nothing else.)

I am a fan of Genghis Khan, but who of us that cheered all of Empire Strikes Back for Darth Vader aren’t fans of young Temujin that really made a mark in the world?

I don’t know a word of Mongolian; though I think Mongolian names sound very nice. (Can be because they are long enough: to my personal aesthetic Lo Fi isn’t all that interesting, but Enhbatogoonaasuren Ayush — now we’re rockin’. Both names simulated.) Mongolian names just are twin nuggets of beauty. (However, “Chinggis Khaan”? Who the fuck is that?) For example, Wikipedia tells that in 1911 Bogda Gegeen was enthroned as Bogd Khan, beginning the era of Olana Örgugdegsen; and in the twenties, there rose a mini-Stalin called Khorloogiin Choibalsan, and a Communist hero by the name of Damdin Sükhbaatar; the country’s capital’s named Ulaanbaatar (“red hero”) in the latter’s honor. Much of the history is flaming horror; but the names are among the most beautiful I know.

(And then there’s Baron Roman Fjodorovich Ungern von Sternberg, the Bloody Baron, the Mad Russian, the White Death of Urga, the Reborn Buddha and Genghis Khan and Bogd Khan and several other Khans of Mongolia, one of the characters most unjustly and undramatically omitted from schoolbooks; but that is a different matter.)

All of the above is true, and still, I’ve just loaned 50 dollars to some guys in Mongolia.

Life is weird… and I am glad to add to that weirdness whenever I can; if benevolently and conveniently, well, that is even better. And now, feeling somewhat smug, I’m off to edit a few jpgs for Lemmata, then to tinker with Mirrors of Eris‘s CSS. (The very subtlety of plugsomeness, it is I.)

One Response to “Mongolia on my mind”

  1. Michelle Says:

    You should go. It was life changing, and not as difficult as you might think.

    I was playing ovoo.

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