Kallisti in red

“Great. What’s this, an ominous apple in a load of red haze?”

“Well yes. Got the urge to make a wallpaper. Grabbed a random doodle, and ran it through a few gimp poses —

“You’ve been looking for an excuse to say that, haven’t you.”

“— until the result was even a little bit striking.”

“That’s striking. Like ‘broken monitor’ striking.”

“That’s an aesthetic, too. Maybe I’ll call it a ‘compression artifact chic’ aesthetic, hey?”

“…which abbreviates as ‘caca’?”

“Oh, snap.”

“What’s with the sizes?”

“One’s that of my laptop. The other’s my guess of what others might have.”

“Not much of a guess, maybe.”

“Hey, an order of magnitude is enough for physicist work.”

“But you’re a mathematician.”

“Yes, but the ‘a real number’ limit of allowable error is a bit much.”

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