Good life

What is good life?

That is a subject that needs either a library, or then a snappy slogan deepity; but I think these particulars help a bit:

Namely, a bag with a logo you like on it (he said obsequiously, having drawn and gimped the logo himself — and it’s the darn future when you can walk to a shop with an USB stick and two days later have a bag with your png on it! The darn future, or magic! Heresy! Witchcraaaft!) and a few books and notepads in it, a lava lamp (which looks like a big prop from “That 60s Show with Ellen Ripley!”), some computer hardware (a (t)rusty Epson V10 scanner), and a bottle of Coke.

Also a radiator, which is a definite plus if you’re in Finland.

Also (if you have entirely too much time to waste looking at this), a salted peanut that apparently escaped the recent Great Eatening.

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