The unnaturality cometh

And in other news, the abomination of desolation the conservative Christians have been mewling about (see the previous post) is finally dawning: a whitefish (siika; coregonus lavaretus) has been caught in Himanka, Finland that is a hermaphrodite! A fish with both… both the one sort of fluid pellet whatsit, and the other kind too! An abomination! A freak of nature!

No doubt crossdressing moose can’t be far behind.

And sex-change operations for your pets! Forced sex-change operations for your pets! And civil unions! Your cat’s gonna go to Hell for sure now!

More’s sure to come, and worse too! Parrots crapping on communion wafers while croaking passages from the God Delusion! Satanist conspiracies of chimpanzees at your local zoo stealing your purse while the rutting of gay elephants distracts you! Kamikaze magpies out to sweep in and carry your cross necklace away to their guano-spotted hives! Which are full of gay sex, drugs and violent videogames cartridges! Boa constrictors seducing young nubile… wait, that’s Genesis. Goats with seven heads with eight horns on each head and nine promiscuous atheist transgender stripper bartender prostitutes sitting on each horn watching Japanese shemale squid pornography on their iPhones made of living homosexual rabbits with AIDS!

Oh no!

(The news article‘s in Finnish only; sorry.)

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