Vatican Atheists

Funny, really: I try my best to think up something relevant to say on Pharyngula, and this is what I come up with:

* * *

Rashbam at #7:

Not bad, but I won’t be impressed until PZ finds an atheist organization within Vatican City.

“And the Vatican Atheists meeting is now in session. What do we have for today?”

“The T-shirt business.”

“I keep telling you, don’t I, that T-shirts are impossible.”

“Well for you sure, you wear that cassock everywhere you go.”

“Beats having everyone ask who I am. Computer support casual stands out here, but nobody notices one more order. And how neat is this, a USB stick in a crucifix! Next time I’m asking them for a CAT cable in a rosary.”

“I still can’t believe you got a robe requisition through for ‘the Order of St. Noname’.”

“I told them he was Japanese. Noname Isoroku, a martyr of something or the other. Do you really think they keep track of all the saints? The reason there are so many Marys is they never can keep ’em straight. Anyway, it’s easy for you to say, you walking round in that clown costume.”

“Clown costume? The Swiss guard uniform is not a clown costume!”

“Ha— oh, the third member comes.”

“Sorry guys I’m late. Oh sheez the day.”

“What took so long?”

“Business, business, always the business. You wouldn’t believe the kind of shaite I get bothered with. Petty, trivial stupid pap shaite. Makes me wanna scream. Two four six eight, time to transsubstantiate, the whole lot. You’d think people could do something on their own, no, they all come to bother me. I swear I would quit if not for the shoe allowance.”

“Right on, Ratzi.”

“Shut up, you and that stupid cassock of yours. Go fix my iPod. Either it works, or I excommunicate Steve Jobs.”

“Jobs’s Buddhist.”

“Do I look like I care?”

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