What the hell…?

Who does this kind of shit? There’s a university in the city of Oulu, Finland; the university has a ylioppilaskunta, or a student union. Said union happened to opine a while ago, because of two ugly assaults on gays in the city, outside a semi-gay-bar, that it was actually okay with gays, and would like to see a bit of tolerance and communal spirit; nothing surprising or controversial there, but just the common decency of smart people who say what they think.

And now some troglodyte has thrown a few Molotov cocktails at their office, and spray-painted a fenceful of slurs and threats nearby. (Yle news, in Finnish)

Well, slurs I assume, since the news articles don’t bother repeating them and the pictures I’ve seen show such shoddy, abominably horrid canwriting that “death” and “gay” are all I can make out. Must be a character rejected by Clown College because he couldn’t write his own name.

And the bottles of gasoline failed to start a fire, too. Nothing but a bit of soot on the doorframe. Wouldn’t you guess it, the caveman prats are inept too.

I’m pretty shaken by this; I was in a conference there just a few months ago, and… well, Molotov cocktails? Spray-painted slurs? No threatening letters nor gesticulating yellers, nothing of the usual petty harassment, but straight to such massive vandalism? Fuck, why can’t these fucking idiots stay in their own local bar, enlarging their livers and passing their stupid neophobe hatred back and forth until an ulcer kills them? Isn’t their stupid name-calling sullen enmity enough anymore?

Then again, can’t imagine that even the vandal’s Creationist grandmother would be happy about this; it takes a special kind of a homophobe, usually a young, angry male kind, to go from sniffs and slurs into something like this. I hope the bastard is caught and fucked with a black rubber dick. (This is not currently a part of the Finnish penal code, but write to your particular Parliament member now.)

And in the inimitable fashion of student organizations everywhere, head honcho (pääsihteeri) Lauri Sainio isn’t intimidated either (he may be shaken, but he ain’t stirred): “This act absolutely won’t shut us up. Our chosen refrain stays the same: we still will have tolerance and community spirit.” (Tämä teko ei missään nimessä vaienna ylioppilaskunnan suuta, vaan aiomme jatkaa valitsemallamme linjalla. Vaadimme yhä edelleen suvaitsevaisuutta ja yhteisöllisyyttä.)

Keep going, Oulu, and keep your spirits up; they are dying kind, and each generation has less of these Neanderthals; they’re angry because they are walking dead looking for a grave and don’t know it yet; eventually we will bury them and their particular stupidity will be no more. (Well, outside the set of measure zero which is the set of raving lunatics stuck in past and out of time.)

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