Meanwhile: Humon Comics, Cat Versus Human

Busy. Don’t know if will have time to wrap up a decent post today; don’t particularly want to dump a certain 5000-word oddment monstrosity without a few more rounds of reading for clarity and lettrs left out. (Namely had the thought that “Well, I gripe about religions all the time, but surely I should be more constructive and offer all enterprising prophets a few ideas for a religion that would actually be worth all the placard-carrying and haranguing”; and then whomph what, Reformed Neoparazarathustrianism that’s one part snidery at what is, one part hidden humanism, and one part bombast?)

Thus, meanwhile, I recommend two webcomics.

First, Humon Comics, by a Dane, including sharp, insightful, witty comics on the nature of the various Nordic countries, personified as the comic’s characters; Finland is a sullen, unspeaking psychopath and a sub to Ms. Sweden. Not entirely inaccurate.

(The site also has comics on tentacle love and the most entertaining evil bisexual Dane this side of Chick tracts. Yay!)

If Scandy bickering is not to your taste, or if you tore through it all and came back (I know I did), then Cat Versus Human has exceedingly pleasant low-key feline jokes drawn in a smooth, simple style that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

(Which while praise may still look like Eyjafjallajökull with indigestion; warm-fuzziness looks better on people less Gothick Mountains of Hairy Dressed-in-Blackness than I. Some people are all waify and sunshiney on the outside; some like me need only sunglasses to be thought Knuckles McBruiser, three-time puppy kicking champion, bodyguard to persons of risky business, and a professional tower of evil flesh. Ah well; Douglas Adams worked as a bodyguard, once upon time, so appearances really do deceive.)

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