The future of inhaling

So: In 1992 Bill Clinton was very anxious to tell the American electorate that though he had smoked, he never did inhale.

Consider, dear reader, what this implies for the future.

A few decades from now on, I hope, inhalings of marijuana won’t mean so much, or maybe they will; but instead of such Sixties activities, we should consider the aftereffects of the harmless youthful little vices of the youth of today, who will without an alternative become the notables of tomorrow.

“Candidate Smith acknowledges that he did use torrents, but he never seeded. And he deeply resents this ‘nude horses wmv’ allegation, which is baseless and ridiculous.”

“Candidate Jackson, I ask you — did you, or did you not, in the year 2009, under the username ‘phucker88’, photoshop this Fritzl meme demotivator?”

“Candidate Peters… 5K edits on Encyclopedia Dramatica in one week, really? Couldn’t do any… moar?

“Candidate Johnson. Though you have been much maligned in the past few weeks, I would like to offer you, a classy, classic practitioner, the full support of the Union of Fanfic Writers of the Snuff and Necroph… Er, ‘maggotbear’? I mean, Candidate Johnson? Drat, he got away!”

“Candidate Korg the Conqueror, how do you answer these allegations of shipping Edward/Jacob? Is that still your pair of choice? And what about Mr. Watson’s allegations that you did repeatedly engage in a masturbatory Skype cyber-simulation of the said pairing in the summer of 2008?”

Then again, maybe the future will be a saner place; the current US president is a bit of a comic book geek, and I think fifty years ago that would have signified immense mortal turpitude and deplorable lack of refinement. (Which it still does if you read DC, but man, Marvel, that’s good stuff. Go Hulk Go.)

(The reader ignorant of Fritzl memes, ED and the like should throw Safesearch aside and google. Little trauma never hurt anybody, and illumination is worth a soiled pair of pants or two.)

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