Dara divided

Here’s something slightly unusual.

I’m a proud owner of several Dara O’Briain stand-up CDs and DVDs. One of those is a dinky thing originally bought as a download from Audible, then recorded to a CD and then ripped to my computer. (DRM, it must all die. ‘s my backupcopy ‘s legal don’t tell me if ‘m wrong.) The problem with this was the result was a cluster of files, each the same length. This was not at all useful or aesthetic — what if I wanted to hear a particular bit? — so I pasted them all together and cut that into bits according to the content. Here I was then unable to find (on the Internet) any tracklist to use for reference; so I just made the divisions as seemed fit, and named them the best I could. (For some reason activities like this give me great pleasure: I don’t know why, or care.)

So if you happen to own Dara O’Briain’s CD or DVD “Live at the Theatre Royal”, here’s a few markers to look for along the way. And if you don’t, well, let this be an advertisement and a recommendation to you.

A Massive Operation / Paddy of Derry / Controversial / Greatest Thing Ever / Ambulance Services / Milky Bar Kid / Superpowers / Direct Advice for a Student / Thirty-Four / Poo and Broccoli Imps / Legal, Illegal or Irish? / Taught by the Air Force / Seventeen and Thirty-Four / Card Upheavals / London Spirit Transport / You’ve Been Told Twice / Marathon Project / Single Finest Answer / Lots of Blind Monkeys / The Appendix / Technology / NASA Bed / Bad Joke / Dumb in Limerick / Baguettes in Ireland / Arbitrary Tags / Forces of Sodomy / Dara in a Lift / Couples and Parents / Rules of Engagement / Customs of Engagement / Thanks / Encore

Meanwhile, I think the talented Mr. O’Weirdirishname will have a new DVD out soon; I think I have it on preorder on Amazon.co.uk already. (It would be foolish to worry about these things: much better to just be surprised one day when there’s a package on your doorstep. “Oh, I’m not stepping on that ag— wait, it’s from England!”)

(Well, not literally on your doorstep. On the floor under the mail slit. Or then there’s a slip of paper there telling the mailman’s topological intuition was not sufficient to fit the package through the slit; thus, available after 4 p.m. from the nearest post office.)

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