Erisian religions, a brief list of

This list does not, at the moment, include Lokeanisms, pseudo-Wiccanimisms, Anansisms, Garage-Dragonisms, Invisiblo-Unicornisms, FSMisms, SMS-isms, or Coyote cults.

Or any of those religions that refuse to be mentioned on the same page with Discordians; Cathodlick Subgenii and other Bobists come to mind.


  1. Discordianism Classic
  2. Discordianism RAW
  3. Discordianism! (the theatrical Illuminatus! version)
  4. Sinbado-Discordianism (should Eris speak in the voice of Michelle Pfeiffer)
  5. Discordian Agnosticism (I don’t know what this is)
  6. Discordian Aphasia (“We hold haplaplap, gjodo do I tweez hilpulip poppap bal blabap-papaen neagram? Nana! Fallas fo fum fur THRAAZ! Ag filliup fnord lipid-kwid mid throosh.”)
  7. Discordian Pantheism (“Great God Pan, we worship thee! Cloven-hoofed and huge-membered, we worship thee! You being cloven-hoofed and huge-membered, not us, but hey, there’s always hope, right? Right? O Great God Pan.”)
  8. Discordian Atheism (“Eris is dead”)
  9. Discordian Atheism, 21st cent. (“OMG Eris is dead LOL WUT”)
  10. Discordian Zatheism (“Eris is… undead”)
  11. Nietzschean Dischchordianischm (“When thou goest to the goddess, take thy whip; and keep taking it.”)
  12. The Followers of St. Confusius, the Prophet to Those People with the Unusual Hats or the Others (“Er, I think I meant ‘an ethic cleansing’. Ethic. Er um sorry.”)


  1. Susano-o-ism
  2. Haruhiism
  3. Little Trampism
  4. Bugsism (“And in 2012, that’s all folks!”)
  5. The Longstockian World Community
  6. Peter Panatics
  7. The Dark Cult of the Clown-at-Large
  8. Br’er’anubis Rabbi Seminar
  9. T Chrch (so spelt; formerly the Socity for th Abolition of th Lttr ”)
  10. Waiters for the Joke
  11. The Rumination of Samedi (Holy day: Saturday. Holy animal: the zombi bird.)
  12. Sacrocoprolalism (“Holy shit!”)
  13. Trollism (very active in net-based missionary work)
  14. Memesophy
  15. Tropery
  16. The Church of Jesus F. Christ, Savior
  17. IDP (Iesus Dominus Pantsukrator) Brethren
  18. Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice and Rack
  19. Buddha Mohammed Society

5 Responses to “Erisian religions, a brief list of”

  1. Twitted by alanpdx Says:

    […] This post was Twitted by alanpdx […]

  2. Cramulus Says:

    I’d love to read longer descriptions of some of these! And we need a definition of Christian Discordianism, Jewish Discordianism, Atheist Discordianism, Agnostic Discordianism, Erisianism… To the list of discordianisms, I would add: the Black Iron Prison sect.

    You may be interested in:

    At some point I’m going to put it together like a booklet.

    it’d be cool to get some short definitions of various Discordias in there, as the booklet will eventually get into the hands of a non-Discordian audience.

    If the mood strikes you, feel free to drop in and edit, but no hard feelings if not.

  3. Timothy Bowen Says:

    can I use this for a Discordian Book? Is it Kopyleft?

  4. Masks of Eris Says:

    Timothy: Yes, and yes!

  5. Tim Bowen Says:

    well then. It’s in the book. gook work.

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