The Cult of Luv-Keraph

Here’s a Lovecraft-based microreligion which is something else than the usual tentacle-slapping Yog-Sothothery.

* * *

It is said understanding brings joy; and illumination happiness. This is not true, for the world is full of knowledge which does not make one happier. It would be knowledge to witness the copulation that led to one’s personal genesis; it would be knowledge to witness, one after another, each daily death as this sorrowful planet of ours orbits a slowly dying flame. It would be knowledge to have the fixed hour of your death, to better notice each empty second before the end. No, the nature of understanding is sorrow; what joy there is in it exists only because our understanding is incomplete.

Some, likewise, seek to understand the heavens, and to probe the mind of God — this is the most dangerous of all follies. Is it not already well demonstrated that there is a particularly obstinate and destructive mania that is solely a property of persons of theological excesses; a vast unhinging of the intellect and the very soul that makes sane men and women apologists for torture, tyranny and genocide, and willing to approve any atrocity because they have come to understand it must be so. The nature of divine things is not meant for us to know: to peek at the face of God is to go mad at the revelation.

We of the Cult of Luv-Keraph believe that understanding is evil, and illumination not self-negation but self-abuse; and thus we abstain from learning, and urge you all to do likewise. Bar the house of your soul against the chill winds which blow outside; keep the hearth warm with familiar things, and do not open your window, for those that do can be seen by the abysses above, and seeing and being seen, they are made lesser.

The Cult of Luv-Keraph: Because there are no things mankind is meant to know.

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