Hot dogs are not enough

Let’s skip wondering about the folk and true etymnologies of “hot dog”, and jump right into bright ideas of what other canine foods there could be.

Put an egg in a hot dog, and it’s a hot platypus.

Have three sausages instead of one, and it’s a warm cerberos. Have a real tiny bun and a very small but spicy sausage, and it’s a hot chihuahua, or even a hot chilihuahua. Stuff the bun with cotton candy, too, and it’s a poodle fry.

Put a handful of meatballs in a calzone, and it’s a kitten holocaust… what do you mean, that was too much? Would it be better if I called it a canine hecatomb?

How about a sausage in a cone-shaped bun, in a “well” of sorts — Lassie’s end.

Instead of one sausage, pieces from three different ones, a cheap, decent and deluxe one, going from one end of the sausage to the other: Darwin’s rottweiler… on fire! And going on with rowdy dogs, put in steak instead of a sausage, and it’s a fire pit bull.

Like George Carlin said, “I’ve got lots of good ideas! Problem is, most of them suck.”

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