Huug ideas

Walk up to someone; ask if they are okay. When they try to form a coherent answer, say “Don’t worry. We all support you.”, and walk away. Then have your confederate do the same to the same person ten minutes later.

Walk up to someone; say them “The Big Duck sends his greetings to the Potato. Pass it on.” Then, ten minutes later, a confederate comes and says: “I am the Potato. Is there a message for me from the Big Duck?” (If the greetings come through, or if they don’t, the Potato should then ask if there were any instructions about the hostage. And, getting a negative, react confused-alarmed-like and skedaddle.)

A sign that says: “FREE HUUGS”. With a double U. Manned by a pretty girl. When someone then approaches and asks for one, the girl hollers: “Bran! One huug needed here.” The confederate Bran then appears, carrying some perplexing plastic object with the word written to the side; a brief sermon on the awesomeness of the huug follows.

With just six Discordians, one could pick the huug victim, and subject him/her to the okay and the duck a few hours later. Well, provided one isn’t shy following someone around. A big mall would probably be ideal for this — the huug out in the parking space, away from interfering mall cops; the okay when the target walks in, still perplexed and thus willing to rationalize the odd question. After the duck bit someone, looking very confused, asks if the target is “one of them, them that’s been following me for days, saying all manner of meaningless things — but now they are gone! Gone! I am a pawn no more, I am free — but who isn’t?”.

One Response to “Huug ideas”

  1. Cramulus Says:

    I am loving these surreal intrusions into everyday life.

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