One, two, three, f—

If there is someone so weak as to be prostrated to the depths of darkest depravity by the sight of a single word, then so be it — I’ll gladly oblige for the sanitary act of turning what is labile into something stabile: so, fuck.

Not f**k, not f—k, not fook even; but the very common and colloquial, understood by all, verb for an entirely plain and usual act. (As for those too young to understand the act, do we actually think it’s wise to not tell them? Tell me, are we going to switch over to nonsexual reproduction before the maturation of our current incompletes? If not, then systemized shushery might not be much of an approach for their welfare.) A very simple and harmless word… but then again, all words are harmless. It’s the people who are the problem. The word is blameless.

Or, according to some, an eerie word of power that can be hinted at, but not spelled out — much like some write G—d, so others write f—k. I believe it is an eleventh commandment in most American Bibles: Thou shalt not utter the foul tetragrammaton; not in vain, not at all. If thou so doest, solemn and quiet Sphinx-faced disapproval shall befall thee and all thy descent down to the seventh generation; and only the eighth, in the blood of a far prissier aeon bewashed, shall befreed be. Speak it, and you shall be fine no more; you shall be a dandy no more; instead you will grow hair and become a subhuman grunting thing, who by the utterance of this one word tells she or he has no others, much as in ancient bejeweled Erewhon a bite of an banana told the biter had no taste for other, subtler fruits. Bite me, the seducing sin-banana calls; those fruits are not for thee; bite me, and with me in your box you shall need nothing more. Bite me!

I think that is all I had to say.

One Response to “One, two, three, f—”

  1. Tavya Says:

    You reminded me of this, and since it seems you’re a fan of Carlin…

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