Charles Stross Rule 34

Charles Stross, one of my favorite sci-fi authors, has a forthcoming book called “Rule 34”: a sequel to Halting State, and if I rightly recall a police procedural about near-future sex and porn, which explains the name. Since Halting State was very very very good, and since Stross has a brain so wonderful it ought to be encased in carbonite for safekeeping, this sequel seems to me like a Santa Claus who is also Wolverine and Darth Vader: that is, too cool for words.

After months of not noticing it, it hit me this book will lead to a lot of people googling for this:

charles stross rule 34

Internet being what it is, this cannot happen very often, register on the google-results of blogs and the retinas of netizens very often, before someone with artistic ability makes the naive interpretation of that search into reality, and posts it online.

I won’t, because I don’t need the cackles; also because while I can imagine Rule 34 on Moomins and Mythbusters (having seen it), I just can’t visualize that for “favorite authors”. (No, don’t help me.)

(Wait a minute, a Moomin, Charles Stross and J.R.R. Tolkien in a bathtub under a… wait, no. Pink frilly no. I hate my mind.)

But now I just can’t get the thought out of my head. Because on the net, if you seek, a Rule 34 you shall find. Sorry, Charlie.

2 Responses to “Charles Stross Rule 34”

  1. Akheloios Says:

    Wheee, two of my favourite things, a new Stross book and the randomising beauty of the internet’s rule 34. I hope my fragile psyche will be scared forever.

  2. epic cecil Says:

    You have got to be flucking kidding me. A book called Rule 34. I have only one thing to say. NO EXCEPTIONS. Butts lulululululu

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