A close call of the skull

So I am writing a small home page for a course I do TA-work for; that fell to me because the professor is not computer proficient, and while I am neither, I hack, burn and slash together a page now and then.

I am writing (in English, because there’s a, as in ‘singular’, exchange student on the course and the Finns need the exercise), then saving, then uploading — then thinking the bit of text seems a bit too long — and then I read it again.

Hell, not only had I accidentally pasted, the clipboard text had been (accidentally) copied from a Pharyngula comment thread.

Let me tell you, a passage of practical details for a mathematics course gets a bit surreal with the random midsentence inclusion of this bit:

etting 8 million metric fucktonnes of skullfucking ejaculate. It’s great to be a sceptic

“So, any questions?”

“Eh yes. The lectures, exercises, exams you have told us but I, exchange student, would have a question about the skullfucking ejaculate. Is it mandatory?”

“A question about what now?”

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