The Adventures of Dee Titius-Bode, Rogue Astronomer!

I had free time. Now I have a few titles for a book series about an annoyed advocate of science.

  • Titius-Bode Boos the Music of the Spheres
  • Titius-Bode Slams Down the Geocentric Model
  • Titius-Bode Wrecks the Empyreal Heaven
  • Titius-Bode Expels Aether
  • Titius-Bode Breaks the Dome of Stars
  • Titius-Bode Stomps On the Steady State
  • Titius-Bode Violates the Hollow Earth
  • Titius-Bode Bends, Folds and Mutilates the Flat Earth
  • Titius-Bode Defecates on the Young Earth

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