A novel (and hypothetical) way of spam

Say you have a product, say the miracle pill Domax (“Do more! Do most! DOMAX!!!”).

Say you are a cretin, and wish people to know of Domax, so they may give their money to you, and by the power of placebo be healed of their hypochondria.

Here’s an idea of how to use the net to your advantage.

  1. Find an open coding project. It should fulfill these two conditions: one, it shouldn’t be something so massive it has hundreds of contributors, and neither something so tiny it won’t have any users. Two, it should be something so complex it can’t or won’t ever have a comprehensive help file within. A game would do; some actually useful piece of software like a text processor or a complexly configurable talking CG head of Gene Simmons would do even better. (\KissTongueWag{45}{2}{11}) Let us say this project is called “project Foobar”.
  2. Hire an unscrupulous CS graduate. His task is, since you pay for it, to be interested in project Foobar, and contribute his free time and programming skills into making it ever better. And, when he finds the place for it, to pencil in for a new something, be it a mascot, an endboss, a module, a new kind of a widget, or something else visible yet not terribly central, a name… the name Domax.
  3. Then profit; every time a user of that program googles for Domax, your medicinal results show up among the rest, and the suckers are sucked in! There can’t be any better search optimization than this — if you hawk headache pills and hook into the LaTeX community, this’ll be the idea of a century!

This, by the way, is the kind of an idea you get after blearily googling for “latex tight fit” or the like once too often.

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