This is Finland: Arseholes and cat caries edition

Well, I admit the title is intimidating, but this will be a tame post.

First thing: My mother bakes now and then these round pulla dessert breads, one of a size that would pretty loosely fit inside a 20-stack of CDs. Where the holes of the CDs would be, she presses a dimple, pours some sugar in, basts the whole with egg white, and then puts these things into the oven.

The result is a delicious brown perfectly hand-sized thing with a paler part in the center, round a depression encrusted with crystalline sugar remains.

Her name for these is “perssilmä”; more or less, and with no double meanings whatsoever, an arsehole.

They taste good, though. And as far as I know, no guest has ever asked what their name is.

Second thing: Happened to tune in to the local radio station, and caught the tail end of an interview with a vet. Learned this:

  • There are special toothbrushes and toothpastes for pets.
  • You can brush a cat’s teeth, provided you start early. (Apparently a cat can get claw-happy if he or she hasn’t encountered this exercise before.)
  • Also, there are a few pet dentists in Finland.

As the saying goes, I had not been aware this was a problem.

What I’m wondering about is, what about cows? Is their diet different enough, or doesn’t anyone care? (Will someone please think of the bovines?) Also, there went my grand plan to make sugar milk by feeding cows enough of the ingredient. A pet dentist would not, I assume, be very happy if summoned to attend to 200 bad-tempered bovines.

Good old Radio Suomi (i.e. “radio Finland”), the umbrella for the various local radio stations of Yle (the “Finnish BBC”). They always have something better than the hits stations; not that that is much, as most numbers stations are a better listen than those single-CD-on-shuffle affairs!

Also, at least in Finland, you can listen to the radios here. Just click the region you want.

Since I realize listening to foreign-language radio is a limited joy, I offer a world-language link as well: Nuntii Latini, the Yle-produced news in Latin. Lately, for example, there’s been a “Crisis politica in Aegypto”:

Exemplo Tunesianorum adducti cives Aegyptii Cairi aliisque in urbibus plus decem dies contra regimen praesidentis Hosni Mubarak reclamitant. Complura centena hominum flagitant, ut Mubarak munus deponat. Ille oratione televisifica habita nuntiavit se in proximis comitiis praesidentialibus candidatum non fore, sed id civibus non sufficit.

— which you can hear in full at the link.

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