New frontiers of writing beautiful mathematics

Why hey, there is an editor app called VerbTex that allows you to write \LaTeX-documents on your Android phone, and then compile them, over the net, into PDF.

And I have an Android phone that VerbTex can run… wait, does now run, in.

I’m going to get run over by a car one day, you know, run over while pecking “\usepackage{dancers}” or something.

Or get some interesting medical condition, plus beaten, for hogging the toilet while furiously debugging a recalcitrant package mismatch or two.

Also things that I know: there’s a web-based TeX distribution-plus-editor called ScribTex, and another called MonkeyTex, and VerbTex is the Android version of one called Verbosus; oh my. (While googling, came across mini-reviews of related stuff on Robs Blog.)

To think: at least three Internet Texifications! And maybe, one day, a way to get an entire distribution, compiling and all, into one’s Android!

There’s something so numinously glorious in this it almost makes me believe there is a God, and Donald Knuth is his name. (And Leslie Lamport (\pbuh) is his prophet? Let mathematicians rule the world and every knee shall bow.)

This all hasn’t occurred to me before because I’m never far from a computer with a distribution on it. (Is that a good thing?)

(Also, in WordPress you can input $*latex \sum_{i=1}^\infty a_i^2*$ and after removing the stars get \sum_{i=1}^\infty a_i^2.)

If you don’t get why this all is awesome, clearly you are an unmathie as trivial as the zeros of 2x^2e^x-(x-1)x^3e^{x-1}.

Well, as trivial as the real zeros, for x, of…

(If the above made no sense at all, know this: LaTeX is the greatest text processing system, ever; we mathematicians define it to be so. From the brow of living god Don Knuth it sprang lo these many years of beautiful books containing lots of mathematics ago; without it the dark and unspeakable demon MS-Word and its false equations would devour us all, and there would be much crying and gnashing of teeth, and a formula would lay down with \epsilon as a formula lays down with of \varepsilon, and the abomination of desolation would compile. Okay?)

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