Save the planet

Have a guess at what this is; as a hint, it’s not the nervous breakdown of an environmental studies major.

you got people like this around you countries for now in the water all day long every minute today about everything we’re at the air word about the water word about the soil where dot insecticides pesticides code additives carcinogens worried about radon gas word about this past this whereabouts saving endangered species let me tell you about endangered species act saving endangered species is just one more arrogant attempts by humans to control nature it’s arrogant meddling it’s what i was in trouble in the first place does anybody understand that interfering with nature over ninety percent overweight over ninety percent of all species that abhor lived on this planet ever lived their stage we didn’t kill them all paint job disappeared that’s what nature does they disappear these days at the rate of twenty five point gain nineteen regardless of our party figure irrespective of how we act on this planet twenty five species that were here today will be gone tomorrow let them go gracefully leave nature of my own haven’t we done enough was so self-important some self employed and was going to say jsut now say she’s seems to be newspaper where st louis mail and the greatest arrogance of all save the planet this fucking people treating me may not take care of ourselves yet capital one another we’re going to stand up for implanted crockett day contact these self-righteous implant mentalist

Once you’ve guessed enough, go here, go to CC, and choose Transcribe Audio.

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