Cursed nostalgia

And in our continuing, ancestral series of musics that have caught my fancy — a series whose glowing ancestralness may be somewhat embellished — here is Dick Gaughan with “No Gods (And Precious Few Heroes)”. Lyrics here.

The song’s written by a Brian McNeill, and it is (says Gaughan) a “searing indictment on the tendency for Scots to use romantic myths about an illusory heroic past as a deflection from dealing with unpleasant political realities”.

To which I just want to add, if only only in Scotland, but no. And even if only in Scotland and Finland but no, not even that, bugrit.

(Came across that when trying to decide which Gaughan CD to buy. Any with Stand Up For Judas on it would do!)

2 Responses to “Cursed nostalgia”

  1. mhilm Says:

    Another point on which I have thought random thoughts over the years. Myths bind a society together, and create a sense of continuity and pride. But, as you and the song say, at what cost?
    What our nation, our religion, our family, was in the past may be a legitimate starting point, but I rather doubt that. How many times has dominance of a territory changed over recorded history? Does past control give any validation for claiming one should control it now? And what on earth does it matter what one’s ancestors did?
    We are where we are, and we need to figure out how to make it work here and now.
    We’re much better off standing on the shoulders of the giants – not in their shadows.
    Hadn’t heard of Dick Gaughan before. Linked to the Judas song. Intriguing take on the old story, and now I have to think about that, too. Thanks for the new music.

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