Arseholes, world edition

Afghanistan. Various numerous idiots are killing people and breaking things because someone burned a book in America. With fans like these, who needs critics? (Next time, Afghans, burn Bibles. It’s easier than rioting, and I could just take a glass of Coke and enjoy the firestorm, and the uptick in the publishing industry.)

America, Florida. A twit who touts a magic book of old and outdated hodge-podge burned a different magic book of old and outdated hodge-podge to make a point; perhaps his point was one of irony.

America, elsewhere. Commentators condemn Terry “Quran-teaser” Jones — does he not understand the devoutly religious cannot contain themselves over sacrileges any more than men can restrain themselves seeing a scantily clad trollop? Truly, what a lewd, shameful, disgraceful man this Floridan comedian is; he’s asking for it, and he shall receive.

Meanwhile, Japan. A bossman visited the disaster zone; this apparently helped a lot, probably because he gives the strength of Godzilla to anyone he shakes hands with, and cannot be informed save by his own two eyes.

Japan, slightly to the left of the previous guy. Apparently bossman Naoto Kan should have visited earlier; it is well known that using the resources for the visit of bossman and his retinue of yes-men is much better than blankets, searchlights and food. Why, had Kan visited the next day the dead would have come to life to say hallo!

I cannot find words poisonous enough to speak of the various hysterical reactions to Fukushima. I just hope all the people mentioned above could be compacted into a thick, pulpy gel for the place’s insulation.

Overall, and about much of the news I see: I need to mock, because otherwise I would scream and cry.

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