Over on Amazon, an understated “very unpleasant”

So: I needed to check the spelling of “speculum” for a blog post; wound then up on Amazon, staring at a review of a Trinity vibrating butt plug — because honestly, how can you not look at the reviews of such items once you realize the reviews must exist — and while staring, I ended up making soft sounds of sympathy-anguish.

This’s the reason:

On my first use, the flanges at the base broke off during intercourse, so the entire thing wound up going inside. My partner tried for an hour to get it out (very unpleasant), but it had gone completely past my sphincter. After waiting three days to try to get it out the old fashioned way (The vibe buzzing the entire time), I finally wound up going to a doctor to get it removed.

I applaud either the honesty or the comedic skill inherent in that review.

Edit: Half an hour later. For some reason I get a warm, fuzzy feeling of hope for mankind, hope for a sensible future, hope for fun and games, just seeing how many people have written polite, cheerful, informative, even updated reviews of butt plugs. Which… uh, don’t ask me to explain how that works.

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