Listen to the indeterminate animal in a bunny costume

Well, I honestly did not mean to go this far.

I just had a bit of free time, and there was this link on Youtube, and I thought I’d see how shit the implementation was, and…

Ah, heck: I did a video of talking animals and put it on Youtube. The text is the first bit I thought of, thinking of something to test the animaltalkatron with: the Discordian “Greater Poop” interview of Mal-2, as usually seen printed on the first pages of Principia Discordia, or on the last ones, but outside the main body of the book anyway. I’m pretty sure it’s as copyleft as copyleft can be.

Will do a more polished version (hey, maybe even one that doesn’t pronounce “Eris” as “eeeeehris”) later, if I get more into this Xtranormal stuff.

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