Research topics

Research topics for mathematics:

  • LOL functions in Orly spaces
  • The numbers of the beast
  • Putz-Nebbish problems
  • Monitoring systems for time-related reduction of thermal damaging in caffeine intake manifolds
  • The lemma of death and related results
  • Work-minimizing problems
  • Pseudo-studies of quasi-important problems
  • Applied grant iterations
  • Big motivational problems
  • The eradication of inequalities
  • The effects of the arctic climate on the number “7”
  • High-impact nude modeling
  • Rapid high-impact publishing graphene (WHICH WON NOBEL 2010!!!) research in pure mathematics
  • Graphene primes (Love me physics boy!)
  • “My aim is the destruction of the Dark Rectorate and all it stands for! My three tools espionage, sabotage, overlong coffee breaks and procrasti… wait, no, my four tools— “
  • The Skream-Hurl method
  • Harnack-type estimates in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings
  • Crash- and liquid-resistant computer peripherals test project
  • General minimizing conditions in peacetime
  • Business continuity
  • Optimus primes
  • Rabbit multiplication
  • Divisions in the modern society
  • Degenerate elliptic equations and the guardians of public morality: a comparative critical discourse analysis
  • “My dad was both real and imaginary” : the history of complex analysis, 1871–1924
  • Metric spaces: A legacy of the French Revolution!
  • “Warning! That does not compute!” : A Memoir of a Man Lost in a Hilbert Space
  • CDs in the L^p space
  • Continuous functions are continuous functions
  • Jane Austen’s “Norm and Normability”
  • 100 Proof: the eased mathematical work environment
  • The best of times, the worst of times : temporal extremals in the works of Charles Dickens
  • Students are dense in the classroom : simple proofs
  • “I’m in constant pain!” : Why students forget the integration constant, and why it matters
  • “Go, and sin no more” : Why students don’t understand trigonometric functions

* * *

“What is your research topic?”

“Problems in mathematics.”

“Could you be more specific?”


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