60 Seconds to the Incident

A Game for Lonely People

Players: One.

Playtime: One minute.

Laws: The player decides to play. She decides that sixty seconds from that instant an Incident will happen. She observes all round her to see and to foresee with minute attention to detail and the behavior of other people the first hints of the Incident, those first pebbles before the avalanche, that suspicious person with a gun in his pocket, that shady old lady hurrying away having left the bomb behind, that head turned to witness the first volcanic glow, the arcing meteor — she will observe as if the prosecution of Charles Manson depended on her observation; as if the blunt curiosity of the police and the press would soon slaver over her testimony and memory, as if her pride and peace of mind depended on recalling, later, what had passed, what she had seen: she will observe with manic attention every sight, sound, movement and hint of those few seconds before everything goes to hell.

Scoring & End: At the end of the sixty seconds, the player wins.

Variations: Some players may feel the need to scream upon winning.

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