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God is an enemy of democracy.

Did you vote for God to be the Supreme Ruler of All Reality? I didn’t.

Is a re-election coming along anytime soon? I don’t think so.

Not that that would be much of an election; God’s domain is a one-party state with all its opponents thoroughly (and sometimes literally) demonized. Who do you vote for, when every candidate (literally) worships the same old boss?

Does God listen to us? In the creepy secret-police way, yes, of course; but in the democratic voice-of-the-people way? Not really.

The only situation when a Pope or a Bishop might get a grudging people-pleasing revelation from on high is when God’s realm is tottering on the edge of an open revolt, like Tunisia or Egypt; only then the Popes and Bishops are allowed to admit, with supreme reverence towards their Boss, that mistakes may have been made — though God has always held the new opinion, and it has been atheist moles and provocateurs that are to blame for the excesses — and there will be changes made, in due time, so no need for the people to pay attention. (Down boy! Back to prayer, the opium of the faithful!)

That’s not democracy; that’s just the interplay of tyranny and mob rule.

How about God’s law? Is there any appeal? Shockingly, apparently, no — God’s first court is the Supreme Court, and once it makes a decision, there will be no appeals; no overturned convictions; nothing but the singularly grim punishment of Hell, indiscriminately doled out to all enemies of the regime. Murderers and rapists are thrown into the fire along with ideological opponents like gays and evolutionists, and political opponents like infidels and atheists — their crimes simply to inconvenience or to disagree with the Authority.

The process of law is as uniform as the punishments: there’s no jury in God’s court; certainly no jury of one’s peers. No defense lawyers either. The judgments come from on high, and there is no argument, no deliberation: just a proclamation, and a punishment.

There’s no Bill of Rights, no Declaration of Human Rights in the kingdom of God, no protection from divine autocracy. And if God’s law is amended, the amendments emerge from a total darkness of no oversight or process, with no explanation for their lateness, and no comment save the Orwellian bleating that this is not an amendment: God has always thought this way; it is the people who have been stupidly thinking otherwise. The dignity of the Ruler, the illusion of infallibility, must always be maintained.

There’s no vote for God down here; up there, things are not different. Those that would vote differently are in the Gulag of Hell; those that remain would not dare to vote against God even if they got a chance. (Not that it is entirely a matter of daring — indoctrination works wonders when the Ruler controls all media, and has forever to impress his will on his people.)

As for openness in God’s government… well, who has heard God’s great plan? How’s the schedule coming along — oh right, “no-one knows the day or hour”. Or indeed even the goal. (Unless it is a holocaust of fire and brimstone, an ever receding ideological endgame after which the minuscule problems of this present perfection will be all gone.)

As for the division of executive and legislative power… there is no such thing; God makes his mysterious rules, and effects his mysterious actions, all for his own personal mysterious purposes. God himself says he is all-wise, and has a great plan that excuses all the crimes and injustices — but what dictator hasn’t said that?

As for accountability — well, the Hague really wants to talk to God about such war crimes and crimes against humanity as the firebombing of Sodom and Gomorrah, and God’s role in the Amalekite genocide and the wider Canaanite ethnic cleansing, to say nothing of his use of biological and chemical weapons against Egyptian civilians during the Exodus Incident.

To put it simply: God is a war criminal. He needs to step down. God is an enemy of democracy, plain and simple. He needs to step down and answer for his actions.

Mubarak yesterday, Gaddafi today, God tomorrow!

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