Turns out turning out some crazy is easy

Also, gleam-eyed lunacies sound frighteningly solid if you spout them as known facts and quickly move to the next black pearl of crazy.

What follows is in exceedingly bad taste, so I probably should not tell it was very fun to write.

* * *

In America, abortion is genocide. The monsters of Planned Parenthood — not one of which was aborted, I remind you! — are fond of quoting all kind of numbers to show how insignificant a problem they’re working with. That alone should ring a huge alarm bell — who goes to mathematicians for an honest answer?

It is well known that abortion is a genocide against the black race. What people do not realize is abortion is a genocide against the white race, and the yellow race, and even Planned Parenthood’s own green-red-eco-commie-freak race! It has been shown by Christian investigators that the American population has grown almost not at all since the beginning of widespread abortion indoctrination and genocide: and most of that growth has been in the criminal classes! It has also been shown beyond all doubt that without abortion the US population would be 90% law-abiding, and equal to that of China. This would be too much to Planned Parenthood and their Nazi backers! As a consequence, three out of four Americans that would be alive now… are dead because of abortion!

Nor is that the limit of that awful crime’s iniquity, for there is worse: abortion kills souls! According to Th.D. Dr. Lawrence Fishkill of the Maudy Bible University (WA), there is a not insignificant chance that the sin of abortion will doom not only the mother but the child as well into the everlasting torment of hellfire! Th.D. Dr. Fishkill has shown that as a child is cosanguineous with the mother for the first nine weeks after the ensoulment, so it also shares the culpability for “mother’s blood”, and thus for all the sins of the mother. This is a horrendous discovery — why do the pedlars of abortion insist on early abortions, during the very period when the child is at the greatest risk? Ignorance… or iniquity? Greed… or the grotesque paw of Satan?

One question that has been raised only recently is this: Where do all the bodies go? After the soul has departed and the body full of hope, love and promise been silenced with a hook and a hammer, where does the body go? Over 90% of the children and over 20% of the parents (over 30% of mothers alone) die during the abortion procedure — yet the beastly providers never dig a single grave for them! In the state of Alabama alone, this accounts for over 500 000 deaths every year… but where do the bodies go? The incinerators smoking next to abortion factories are a familiar sight to all, with their choking exhaust of sin and broken dreams, but even they are not enough to handle even Alabama’s 75 000 daily dead! Where do all the bodies go?

The average American teen has two abortions before turning eighteen (the Christian exception is offset by the constant orgy of murder of atheist “families”) — where do all the bodies go? Not into graves, that’s for sure.

There is an abortion performed, a murder done, in America once every single second, all year round — where do all the bodies go?

There’s a woman in Nebraska that had one hundred abortions before her twentieth birthday. Ask this of Genocide Jenny — where do all the bodies go?

Ask, in reversal: since abortion is the basest, most disgusting evil, what is the highest, noblest, greatest good? The answer is obvious: the holy sacrament of communion. The body given for us that we would not hunger; the blood given for us that we would not thirst.

Ask, in reversal: what is ever the greatest delight of the Satanic atheist, Islamist, Jewist, Buddhaist, Wiccanist, Commie-ist and Naziist? What else but the evolutionary aping and desecration (or “secularization”) of sacred mysteries! Thus the religion of atheism — the holy books of Dawkins — universities as churches, professors as priests — the sodomistic novitiate of the graduate school — the secret rituals of the Ph.D. — and the false Heaven of Sweden, godless and miserable!

Ask, in reversal, this: how might the ungodly mock the holy communion?

Why, the answer is obvious.

Through atheistic, Satanistic, communistic necromancies they raise the dead, and feed on their blood and flesh! The atheist communion is a prancing bacchanal of the living dead, who by Satan’s own foul power march out at the third call, come forth gory and pallid and wan, and in the unlight of demonic glow-orbs orgiastically feed the suckling madness of cackling atheism! Why should they need a grave, that are not quiet enough for one? Why, they live in whispering houses, behind boarded-up windows and glass and steel hulks alike, a teeming muttering avalanche of cold flesh and black blood at the jugular of the living world, to spill forth at nighttime in a street-wide roaring flood of necrous skin and empty eyes, clawed hands and placental parts, a false messiah that feeds to feed its own, that hides in deep cellared wells and above white ceiling wallpapers, tapping and scratching and promising to come out of the closet of horrors to engulf the room and the city and the earth, to show what atheism’s really made of!

* * *

Please support Christianity by ordering Th.D. Dr. Fishkill’s books, “God Makes Sense: the Bankruptcy of Human Reason” and “Atheism Explained: Satan’s Own Religion of Buggery, Drug Use and Murder Exposed”.

Th.D. Dr. Fishkill is also the co-author, with Horace Slaighdust MD, of “Diagnosed With Atheism? : Answers, Treatments and the Road To Recovery”. Buy that too, or the atheists win.

One Response to “Turns out turning out some crazy is easy”

  1. oldancestor Says:

    The sad part is there are blog posts like this for real.

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