One more Discordian book

Here’s an art project / ineffable holy book:


It is one more Discordian opus, as you may have guessed / feared; this one is called “The Manual of the Light Warrior”, that is, most probably a warrior of the light entertainment division. I’m not sure if I’ve managed to say anything in it, though I have included some kernels of serious philosophy, and a good deal of humor, and some bits where I just purposefully tried to mislead and confuse the reader; it is much as any other holy book. (Except that few holy books have had portions of them pre-published as blog posts; o tempora o mores and all that.) If I have said nothing much, I hope I have said nothing much entertainingly for enough of those 193 pages. Of central theme or plot, the book has none: it grew in the telling, and is an anthology as diverse as some other holy books, as clear as some others, and has roughly the same amount of divine inspiration and serious intent as some.

Feel free to copy, distribute, ridicule and re-use as you see fit; there’s too much fun in the wrangling of these for me to deny others the same. If you see a line or a bit that hits you, take it, mix it, have it; there’s no greater honor you could do to anything of mine. Writing a really smashing good holy book is difficult; if I’ve come up with a few good one-liners or fables, that’s enough.

* * *

As for the earlier outpouring, Erisiana, it’s still available. (As if something released online could ever really go away.)

Now I’m back to holiday as hard as I can; I’ve just discovered Jim Butcher and there’s a nude wizard that needs rescuing from a serious shitstorm.

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