Mr Breivik: The anatomy of commentary

So a nut, an Anders Behring Breivik, goes on a killing spree in Oslo and Utoya, Norway. He is a nut described as a “Christian conservative”, anti-Muslim, anti-immigration (but I repeat myself) and the sort.

Shortly afterwards, in those circles, these are the reactions —

  • No true Scotsman: “Well, he wasn’t a real Christian conservative!”
  • Un-derailable mind: “Well, I say he was a Muslim sleeper wanting to smear Christian conservatives!”
  • Shadow jumper: “It strains my credulity that he worked alone. Where are the handlers? Who I’m not saying who they were, but *doomchord*!”
  • Long-liner: “He is a patsy, just like McVeigh, Oswald and Booth! (This is well known.)”
  • Non-Occamian: “So ‘his fb account was set up a few days BEFORE’, gunpistolman08? That cinched it — no Christian conservative, but a well-planted plant patsy false-flag operation supported by American Boobama-Soros REAL AXIS OF EVIL agents in Norway!”
  • Generic advisory: “DON’T BELIEVE THE LIES!!!”
  • All-Connecter: “…how convenient. Because this is clearly NWO/UN persecuting me/us, isn’t this convenient, the death of all our freedoms, from my cold dead hands, a more “primitive” nation would have beaten him to death with chisels, this is why the Fed is bad for you, also the police are useless because they do not teleport.”
  • Party whip: “Hey, you, bigmike133, what are you, a socialist commie homo? Why do you hate Christ and want to put all of us in camps? Also, as to the content of your post, what do you mean he was Christian, what kind of commie bullshit is that?”
  • Patternalist: “First my favorite reporter gets fired. Then my cats knocks over the milk dish. Now this. I sense a pattern here.”
  • Patternafictionalist: “Oh right, this is just like in the book where this was a plot to undermine the credibility of Christian conservatives. I say we citizen-arrest the president pre-emptively.”
  • Keeper to the essential: “Uh, but haven’t you seen this scary headline about MUSLIMS???”

Not that those have been the only stupid reactions to this stupid, deluded criminal lunatic —

  • Mr. Law-and-Order: “Clearly metal detectors on highways and in public areas are the solution. Also those buying fertilizer should be checked for unstabular mental tendencies.”
  • Mr. Armchair: “I find it appalling that the Norwegian police would take more than five minutes to get anywhere. Clearly more police is needed.”
  • Mr. Reason: “As there is no free will, this hobby of his is to blame.”
  • Mr. Alarmist: “Today it happened in Norway… so clearly you should feel like it will happen to you next! Get in your car and race to buy firearms now!
  • Mr. Post-Fact: “I am made angry this man was not stopped. That he gave no warning is no excuse! The police must have precognition, or face punishment! Fire them! Sue them! Blood for the grief god!”

One Response to “Mr Breivik: The anatomy of commentary”

  1. Margaret K. Westfall Says:

    If the police had precognition, not to mention teleportation, no one would ever speed again, even when running late. Not that I would do such a thing. These people need to be careful what they ask for

    I appreciated your post, but you gotta love Patternalist.
    “First my favorite reporter gets fired. Then my cats knocks over the milk dish. Now this. I sense a pattern here.”

    Omg – I just realized one of my cats hacked a hairball this morning, and it’s hotter than blazes here today. What next? (cower and tremble)

    This was a horror. A tragedy. Not a conspiracy. Not a propaganda maneuver. What about a little respect for the human life these (expletive deleted) claim to value?

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