What do you ewww

I’m not quite sure what this Google “What do you love?” site is, except it lets you input a word… almost any word, that is… and shows all kinds of things various Googlic inventions can offer to you, relating to that word. Videos, books, discussions, the like; there is a certain amount of fixed content in the results no matter the word. For example, the “Organize a debate” result seems to always contain “Where is the best place to find X?”, “What is the best thing about X?” and so on.

This is an outright invitation to horrible abuse, as I am sure you understand. For example:

Then, of course, there are the less obvious terms (do I want to click through on that?):

And results that might be art criticism:

And those where the auto-fill really should stay quiet:

(Heard of this on Boing Boing.)

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