Worse news

So I bought myself new Lovecraftian fonts, and had to write something fitting to test them. See (in pdf):

Some weird reportage
from an alternate
and shortly doomed world!

(And it had to be very rough, schlocky reportage because I can’t do believable sober Lovecraft-era newsprint. The names and titles are made up without consulting anything. Except Civitavecchia; always throw in one detail that’s actually researched; it’ll drive informed readers into a phrensy of doubt and futile research.)

* * *

Also: the HPLHS font licence agreement is a veritable Lovecraftian horror itself. I’m 75% certain I’m not breaking it by posting this sample, i.e. I am “us[ing] the font software as part of an overall graphic […] design, for personal […] projects”, but if I am wrong, well, uh, tell me.

Then again, I can’t “embed […] the prop/font software for the purpose of resale or distribution” (is a clip on a blog distribution?), except that I “can embed the font software in works as needed, provided that the embedding is subset and encrypted to prevent extraction of the font software itself.” Tsathoggua save me!

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